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As a New York State Woman-Owned Business, 19 IDEAS is proud to celebrate the powerful women who lead, support and empower us all. As October’s National Business Women’s Week started, we directed this attention to the females in our community who have helped build on the different foundations of education, science, technology and development. It’s these outstanding women – who are outstanding in their respective, male-dominated fields – that keep us feeling inspired and keep our women and girls feeling that anything is possible.

We invite you to celebrate them, too.


Woman in Education

Joelle Formato is the Founder & Head of School of Persistence Prep, a new K-8 public charter school opening on Buffalo’s East Side in August of 2018.

Having the opportunity to teach throughout her career, she began to hear the unsettling lack of excuses used to rationalize poor academic performance. Now, in our Buffalo, she leads the brave initiative of providing fair learning to all on the belief that each student has the potential to thrive when held to high expectations in a safe, supporting and caring environment. At Persistence Prep, students will have the opportunity to learn and engage, no matter their zip code, race or socioeconomic status.

Joelle can’t wait to support our future students and uncover their true potential, and our community can’t wait to celebrate her in doing so.


Woman in Science

Norma Nowak is the Executive Director of the UB Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences, the Chief Scientific Officer of Empire Genomics, LLC, and a recognized contributor to the Human Genome Project.

Among her many achievements on both the national and local level, she continues to be at the forefront of a new era of personalized medicine. With her incredible efforts in research and forward thinking, Norma has continued to be a driving force in the governor’s investments in the University at Buffalo. We thank Norma for her unrelenting efforts towards the spirit of advancement – for both the interests of science and all women alike.


Woman in Technology

Michele Trolli is the Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer at M&T Bank.

Named one of the 25 Women to Watch by American Banker, Michele leads the charge in the field of technology as she sits at the helm of M&T Bank’s technology and banking operations, which include six divisions that account for more than one-fifth of the bank’s employees.

As both an active member of our community and the mother of four “almost-always wonderful kids,” we celebrate Michele for her incredible influence on balancing success with family, while always staying open to exploring new frontiers.


Woman in Development

Bernice Radle is the owner of Buffalove Development and Little Wheel Restoration Co.

Operating the only female-owned development company in WNY, Bernice has continued to add value, beauty and a spotlight on our community. Through her keen eye for restoration, her appearances in national conferences, her own HGTV show and talks at TEDxBuffalo, she has made her mark on the map of Buffalo.

As she continues to paint the town with brush strokes of brilliance and expand her reach of restoration, we cheer her on and feel inspired to watch her work.


These women in power empower not only those they surround, but also the next generation of doers, dreamers and daring females. Here’s to the business women who inspire us all – this week and all weeks.




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