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For Women, by Women

The Western New York Women’s Foundation is an organization that believes in the advancement of women and girls in the community. Founded in 1999, the Foundation represents a diverse group united by a shared vision: to provide growth and empowerment to women of all ages through the power of advocacy, investments, influences, events and overall outreach. Their work truly helps to create – and curate – a powerful culture of possibility that helps each woman and girl live, grow and lead to her fullest potential.

While the mission and vision of the Foundation remain strong, they needed a new website that matched their advancements and comprehensive, intense influence on our community. This site would be a critical communication tool that synthesized their multiple initiatives, programs and activations into an inspiring and easily navigable platform.

Enter 19 IDEAS.


Building on a Foundation

We worked together with the Foundation to uncover the core values, priorities and differentiators that defined their voice. These same tenets would serve as foundational blocks to build a unique and innovative online user experience. Finding the roots of what they were striving to achieve, in both agendas and aesthetics, helped us to set the stage for a matched desire of creating a vibrant website that represented each strong woman moving towards a strong mission.

Focusing on the women and girls they help and the people behind the scenes, 19 IDEAS took their engaging mission statements and ongoing research to the forefront of the experience to create a clean, inspiring platform where they could effectively spread their message.


The Power of Purple

Using their classic purple “W” logo as breaking ground for our inspirations, we created a dynamic experience that took users through the seamless journey of learning about the Foundation to, ultimately, joining in on their mission.

Anchored by their signature purple, we brightened – and emboldened – the look and feel of each page with vibrant additions of both colors and smiles. We first started with an inspiring homepage that displayed the Foundation’s key work and initiatives, which would be the welcome mat for each click thereafter.


Throughout the rest of the site, we concentrated on presenting their expertise and excitement within the community.


Through a robust library that illustrates the Foundation’s extensive research and education work, a real-time news hub with the latest press coverage, and interactive forms and event pages that inspire visitors to get involved, we could let users feel the power of each of the Foundation’s initiatives and programs.


The Future of Females

Today, the Western New York Women’s Foundation has a website to proudly stand behind. Through their incredible community advocacy, research and unequivocal care, they continue to help women and girls reach their every potential – and having the power of web presence only helps further their message of collaboration. 19 IDEAS is so proud to have been included in this journey as we continue to admire the Foundation as a force in our community.

Here’s to the women and girls that will change the world. Learn how you can stand alongside them.



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