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Working with a client that is passionate and dedicated to what they do fuels our work. Mike Cardus is one of those clients. The drive behind his work as an organization development consultant has enabled our team to create a standout brand, direct and compelling messaging and a comprehensive, responsive website for Mike.

The “Mikeness”

Mike Cardus is an organization development professional and leadership coach who has supported organizations of all sizes and across five continents. Along with being a published author, he has created numerous programs that put his expertise into a physical, tangible form.

Mike uses his vast knowledge base and vibrant personality – something we refer to as “The Mikeness” – to create his unique perspective on organization development. His new brand and messaging strategy are both influenced by, and a direct reflection of, Mike’s professional perspective.

Research, Rethink and Refine

Mike’s business previously operated under the name “Create-Learning”, which was thought-provoking, but unclear to prospective business partners. Further, it did not support SEO and digital marketing efforts. Based on our competitive research and interviews with Mike’s clients, we changed the name of the business, creating more competitive positioning for his marketing.

When you partner with Organization Development by Mike Cardus, you get not just Mike’s expertise, but his personality and passion too. It’s a complete and custom package – never something repurposed from a book.

Focus on Results

To support Mike’s new brand and messaging, our team needed to create a site that focused on his impressive outcomes, partnerships and content library. Our approach to the web component of our engagement with Mike made sure the following were given the attention and prominence they needed:

  1. Outcomes – Generating interest in Mike’s work based on results
  2. Services Focus – Focused on Mike’s core offerings to offer clarity and boost SEO
  3. Lead Generation – Improved the quality and quantity of leads generated by the site using CTA’s that make users think about their needs
  4. Content – imported Mike’s content and helped organize his impressive library of self-published resources.


With a sound brand and marketing platform in place, Mike is now primed and well-positioned to give his attention to expanding his reach, evolving his service offerings and growing his client base.

Be sure to keep an eye on Mike, there’s more exciting work coming down the road!

Charlie Fashana
Charlie Fashana

Chief Operating Officer

Charlie is a strategic, yet, creative business and marketing executive who relentlessly searches for the optimal way to achieve goals. Adding passion and a big-picture mentality to his experience in corporate, small business and nonprofit organizations, Charlie continually challenges leaders, teams and processes to get better.

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