43North - A Week in Review

Each year, 43North Week sets the stage for the best and brightest startups to come to Buffalo. As the city showcases its entrepreneurial ecosystem to the world, 19 IDEAS tells the stories of the competition and its finalists through local, national and international media. It’s a compelling narrative best expressed through GIFs. We invite you to follow the journey below!


Coffee becomes your go-to beverage.


Email becomes your sole form of communication.

We mean it. Emails are more critical than ever.

Most times, they throw in-person communication out the window.

You relish the opportunity to power nap and quickly recharge. Whenever and wherever possible.

But don’t forget your device chargers.

Without them, how could you constantly live tweet?.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. But darn it, you’re a professional. Keep it on the inside.

Because at the end of the day, everything turns out great. The stories are on-point!

And you’re left with the feeling of a job well done.

Michael Puglia
Michael Puglia

PR & Marketing Manager

Michael is a skilled public relations and marketing expert with a knack for fostering key media relationships across the nation. His experience in the world of media and marketing helps earn our clients meaningful stories while strengthening their brand through traditional and digital advertising.

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