On the Fast Track: Growing a Startup in WNY - 19 IDEAS

Over the past five years we’ve worked with amazing clients from a wide variety of industries, moved from a co-op of independent businesses in the Tri-Main Building into our own space at the Essex Arts Center on Buffalo’s West Side, and doubled our revenue annually – growing 362 percent over the past three years. This month, we were thrilled to have this growth recognized at Buffalo Business First’s Fast Track Awards, coming in first place in the young companies category. This honor highlights the collaborative nature of our team as well as the possibilities for our future.

It’s inspiring to step back and see the great team and client base we have built. Since our fifth year anniversary celebration in May, 19 IDEAS expanded even further – hiring seasoned WNY marketing professional Charlie Fashana as Marketing Director, and promoting Jon Tashjian to PR and Communications Director. We are proud and excited to recognize the robust expertise that Charlie and Jon bring during these formative years for our agency.


As we look to our future, our team fosters two major values…

“Work with Purpose”

The talent and leadership we’ve attracted is a testament to our ‘Work with Purpose’ approach that drives everything we do for our clients and our community. This mantra, tagline, attitude – whatever you’d like to call it – remains a central value in the work we do everyday.

“Growing Alongside an Emerging Community”

Accepting an award of this nature was an incredible experience for our team, and was made even more special as we received it amongst friends who are fostering their own startups, businesses and dreams right alongside of you.

We send our congratulations to all of the winners of this year’s Fast Track Awards. Dan and I tried to put our feelings into words on camera last week… we won’t be leaving our day jobs anytime soon.

Katie Krawczyk
Katie Krawczyk

Chief Executive Officer & Partner

Katie is an expert communicator and entrepreneur with a keen view for both the bigger picture and the small details. Her experience working for public and private sector interests across grassroots and international realms lends our clients unique problem-solving and solution-oriented strategies rooted in public interest and advancement.

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