From 15 to 60 – Instagram Ups Maximum Video Length

45 more seconds. Instagram is rolling out the ability to post 60 second videos, upping the cut from the 15 second maximum that has been the norm since 2013. Though advertisers have had the advantage of posting 60 second videos since February, all creative users will soon be able to upload 1 minute clips in the coming months.

Videos have become increasingly important to social media. According to Instagram, “in the last 6 months, the time spent by users watching videos increased by more than 40%.” With 400 million active users globally, the increase was a wake up call – people want more videos. The competition of YouTube and Snapchat also play a big part. Instagram wants to be more than just a photo stream, they’re pushing to be a bigger player in both creative and advertising uploads.

This isn’t just good news for video lovers, it’s giving companies yet another outlet, and more time, to market their brand. But, it’s a double edged sword, attention spans are short which puts pressure on brands to create compelling content. Just because a company can post a minute-long video, doesn’t mean viewers will stop to watch. It’s a fine line for advertisers – posting enough content to keep consumers interested, without using Instagram as a dumping ground for video.

Now the questions come in, what does this 45 more seconds really mean? Will everyday users be able to cut a somewhat professional looking video on their smartphone? Facebook and Instagram have not unveiled this yet, but new editing tools are expected for video editing on the app. Until then, continue posting pictures of your lunch, your dinner and your dog… but video is making a comeback!


We’re excited for…more in depth how-to videos:


and more photo collages:


And of course, better coverage of amateur rock performances:

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